Can you restore lost girth during the initial stages?

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I progressed from 2 months ago from pain on the left shaft below the glans to noticeable narrowing/flattening of few mm measured this week.

It is also noticeable in my hand as much narrower than before.

Currently I'm waiting on a traction device that I ordered. I cannot use VED since it exacerbates Mondor's disease for me.

I am also on daily 5mg Cialis and 3 x pentoxy.

I'm wondering if theres anything else I can do. It seems it has progressed from pain and tenderness to current narrowing.

I can't really palate or feel any sort of "plaque".

Looking for advice from anyone who has been through this .
Onset of pain in March 2021
Progressed to loss of girth to dent under the glans left side

Been doing daily heat,traction,pentox,ved,cialis since initial onset of pain

Currently still experiencing pain and dent unchanged