Is sex bad to do while in active phase?

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I noticed I get some pain after sex, does that mean it is progressing? Or is pain to be expected after sex during active phase and the pain is just pain not progression?

I'd really like to continue on having as normal sex life as I can. I have been limiting both sex and masturbation to once per week which is pretty terrible but it is what it is. Has anyone done study's to figure out if sex is worse for peyronies than not having sex or vice versa?
28 y/o
sex injury - gradually got worse
Hard flaccid, Indentation bottom left close to my body,  mild twist left
28° up 28° Left
official diagnosed @26 peyronies w/pain
Pentox, cialis, NSAID, tramadol(as needed)
Sciatic  pain radiates penis to foo


Any luck? I too am wanting to have casual sex now again
28yo, diagnosed Peyronies Disease 13/6/22, 30dg curve to right/slightly down, Erectile Dysfunction, indentation, shortening 1inch+

urologist gave me cialis 5mg to take daily and SOMAcorrect

praying i can get this under control asap, restore length/avoid Erectile Dysfunction