Cold Therapy Post Traction Session?

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Hello! I have been doing RestoreX, as advised in the instructions, followed by a short manual traction session daily. Additionally, I soak in cold water twice a day for a few minutes to reduce inflammation. Does anyone have advice on whether or not I should do the soaking directly after traction? I could see yes soak directly after being advisable because some say traction induces inflammation.  Inversely, I could see no don't soak because maybe the time directly after traction is a needed period not to be messed with for the healing/ tissue building processes. I think I am still in the acute phase, if the phases are actual, and my problem came from an injury in early December 2020. Much thanks!

P.S. have been doing abstinence, intermittent fasting, and a low-carb diet for only a week now and things are looking much looser and healthier. Was doing heating for a while, but it made me more inflamed.
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