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Upright Or Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

You might have heard a lot about these two popular vacuum cleaners types before now. They are full-size vacuums which give you the powerful suction needed to quickly and efficiently remove dirt and dust from floors, carpets, and other surfaces (curtains, sofas, ceiling, corners, niches, doors, etc.) Furthermore, there are other small vacuum cleaners types available, such as handheld vacuums, stick vacuums, or robotic vacuums. People prefer to use full-size vacuum cleaners for their high productivity, however.

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But what are their differences and which one will suit your needs? One type is no better than another; it is just a matter of suitability. Let's take a look at a basic comparision between upright and canister vacuums and find out their pros and cons:

1. Upright vacuums

This is the traditional type of vacuum. It's simply designed as all-in-one machine; all you will do is plug in, push, pull, and you are done. It's also easy to store in just a corner or a closet. If your house is spacious, this is the perfect choice, as its wide brush roll will cover more ground in less time. An upright vacuum is the best choice if your house has plenty of carpets waiting to be cleaned, too. Upright vacuums can handle them all, regardless of the type.

Their rolling brushes are effective in removing dirt, debris, and pet hair as well. Besides, if you are dealing with carpets with a thinker pile, you can adjust the vacuum height to be appropriate to the pile's depth; this will facilitate the cleaning process. And the final plus point for upright vacuums is that most of them are bagless, making clean-up a breeze and keeping you from having to replace it. Although they're the newest type of vacuum cleaner and still being improved more and more, they're still heavier and noisier than canister vacuums.

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2. Canister vacuums

Canister vacuum cleaners consist of a wheel body and a vacuum wand connected together by a plastic hose. It will take a little bit of time to assemble parts before cleaning, and you will need to disassemble them before storing. Don't think they're heavy, though; in fact, they're lightweight to carry around. While upright vacuums can't reach corners or niches, canister vacuums can. Most of the vacuums are able to attach with a variety of tools such, as an upholstery brush, crevice nozzle, or even a mechanized brush to clean every small and hard-to-clean area. If you think your house is more than just hardwood floors and carpets, you should definitely get a canister vacuum cleaner.

Canister vacuums use retractable cords which are more convenient and safer for you and your family members, especially if you have children. Canister vacuums seem to work as well as professional cleaners, except that we have to bend down a lot to turn them on and off. Because cleaning is a part of daily chores, it's recommended not to avoid using canister vacuums if you have a history of severe back pain.

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These are the main pros and cons of both upright vacuum cleaners and canister vacuum cleaners. You should consider these differences and decide which type of vacuum best fits your house's features. A good choice will help you to get your house cleaned with all the comfort, convenience, and satisfaction you deserve to experience.
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