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So yesterday, I decided to masturbate to fill out my erection as much as I could. I was doing this with only mental stimulation, by the way. I don't usually actually touch my penis until I feel it gets as hard as it possibly can, so that I have the best erection possible - anyways, i was laying in bed with my mind on certain thoughts (lol) and my erections were okay. The right side of my penis didn't fill out on the bottom, like usual. The one good thing that I noticed out of this was that my erection looked like it was up more. Usually, it's point sorta downward bc it doesn't fill to its full potential. But it looked better this time. One bad thing that I noticed though, was that I was hinging a bit more towards the left side. Now, this didn't disgust me or anything: i didn't even mind it, it looked fine. It's just that it may be a sign of my progression, which obviously isn't good.

Now to the really bad part of this all: so I went about an hour or so without actually touching myself. I was just laying in bed thinking. Then, I got an reception hard enough where I was like okay, I'm gonna try and stroke it to get it to grow more. I was using lubrication too. Now my erection did grow a little bit - it got the hardest it had been that entire session. But due to the numbness of my penis, I couldn't ejaculate. I kept stroking it bc it was what I deemed to be a "good enough" erection. I was doing this under my blanket btw, so I wasn't looking at my penis. Then I looked down, maybe 10-15 seconds after I was at my hardest point and saw that I was going limp. Immediately, I was like "oh sh*t" and stopped. Obviously, this ain't good as this is what caused my Peyronie's in the first place. It was only for a few seconds, but I now realize that I must be more mindful of what level of erection that my penis is at while I'm masturbating.
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