Openings for Dedicated Volunteers to serve as Moderators

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We are always open to considering dedicated volunteers as moderators.  We also have both long and short-term projects we need help with to make the forum more useful. While we cannot promise a slot to everyone; please consider applying to see if we can fit you into the forum leadership team.

We have both Global Moderators with moderator rights over the entire forum and Board Moderators with moderator rights over specific boards. All moderators begin as Board Moderators over either one or several boards. Those who have the time and demonstrate the skills and dedication are usually made Global Moderators.

Prerequisite Skills & Qualifications:

There are many things a moderator can learn while on the job if they are willing, but there are some basics they have to have before being considered.
I.   They need a basic understanding of Peyronies Disease and Erectile Dysfunction
II.  An understanding of the forum rules and the philosophy of the forums dedication to free speech within the limits of those rules
             A. This means they must understand the difference between attacking an idea or a statement instead of a personal attack on a person.
III. They must understand that we are a rule-driven forum and make great efforts to resist making arbitrary decisions not covered by our rules
iV.  They must be mature and even-tempered - This is required to set an example, defuse conflicts, and promote goodwill
V.   They give input on the moderator's private board concerning forum suggestions, innovations, problem issues, and then support the final decision.
VI.  Must not publically undermine the forum and forum officials - It should be obvious that criticizing the forum or other officials or promoting other competing venues is not acceptable.
VII. We highly recommended having access to more than just a cell phone to carry out certain moderation duties.
VIII.Must be dependable and check-in at a minimum of every other day unless they notify staff that they will be away from the forum for travel, vacation, or other personal responsibilities.

Moderator Duties

1.Welcome new members, direct them to the survival guide, help them find their way around the forum, and encourage and help them set up their signature line.
2. Enforce forum rules starting with gentle reminders and progressing to official warnings and muting violators
3. Making sure the integrity of the forum structure is maintained by preventing topic stealing.  Moderators move topics to the proper board, splitting and merge topics (learned on the job)
4. Might volunteer to work on special projects like cleaning up the Doctor's List" or promoting links to our forum on other relevant sites.

Apply by sending a PM to either me or LWillisJr.  We will get back to you promptly and consider your time with the forum, your posts, your interests, and your available time so we can reach a realistic understanding of how you can best serve.

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