COFFEE; good or bad for peyronie's?

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Mr man

I'm perfecting all treatments. Traction , pentox, vacum, etc. However, where does coffes sit in all this? After all it is a powerful drug.

Have read succes stories where coffee was completely taken out of the equation. On the other hand doctors say 2 cups a day are good for the mind.

I can't imagine it makes much difference either way?, But every little helps. Coffee increses heart rate and opens up arteries. Do the 2 cancel eachother out?

Should coffee be left on the shelf to gather dust?

Any thought is welcome.  
Latest routine. Started l-lysine 3mg daily, l-proline 5mg daily. Increased vit c intake. Accompanied with almost daily vacuum therapy. Pumping to 100% Exercise caution! Made good progress. L arginine supplements and prescribed potaba are helping.


It's an anti-fibrotic xanthine (like pentox is), caffeine itself has been in plenty of studies on fibrosis (lung etc).
It's also a mild pde3 inhibitor (like cialis).

Also, coffee itself seems to be really good for the arteries, I'll try to dig up some studies.

I have been having A LOT of caffeine for over a decade. I never noticed any negative effect, however if it begins to irritate the prostate, that can make your penis feel bad. Also, just be careful in general.


While there are those who seem to improve with time. I read this information in this article that unfortunately, there are also men who have been off for more than a few years and have seen little, if any progress. Also, there are those that don't drink pop or coffee (such as myself), who continue to suffer... so the caffeine-cortisol connection does not apply in my/our case.

As much as I'd like to "believe" this will just "correct" itself, that has not been the case thus far almost 3 years off. We've debated this concept numerous times on this board, and I personally am still of the belief that since we took a pharmaceutical medication (which is a Testosterone analogue, btw), that it will likely require further pharmaceutical medications to correct, and possibly investigation at the genetic level to see if in fact something did change with us, to try and pinpoint where the problem might ultimately lie.
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Coffee has some possitive effeects, but if you are taking medication or supplements for peyronies, take note that coffee can interact with medicine (and supplements). It can decrease how much medicine the body absorbs and reduce the effectiveness of many medications and supplements.‚Äč Avoid drinking coffee one hour beforehand and two hours after taking medication.

Coffee can affect the absorption process of drugs by changing the dissolution profile, changing the gastrointestinal (GI) pH, affecting the sink condition of the GI membrane and blood, affecting the GI emptying time, formation of complex, and inhibiting glucose-6-phosphatase.
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