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Author Topic: 21 and quite depressed.  (Read 5915 times)

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21 and quite depressed.
« on: October 30, 2010, 03:36:25 AM »

Modified to look neater :)

Age - I am 21 years old.

Age at onset of Peyronies Disease - Earlier this year around February.

Very First Symptoms - I was lying in bed one night and felt a very tiny dent on the left side of the head on the shaft.  Maybe 1/4th of an inch down.

My Peyronies Disease progression
- Since it started out as a tiny dent I been checking it every day since I've noticed this.  It's now gotten much larger and started to spread around the shaft.  I  can feel the scar tissue and it's very thin right now.  I have quite a bit of pain while flaccid, not so much while fully erect.  While erect I do have about a 8 -12 degree curve near the tip, but looking at it you'd probably say there's nothing wrong.  I haven't gotten to the stage where it's curving yet I don't think (have had this curve as long as I remember).  I hope I have caught this in the early stage.

Where I am today, future plans - As of writing this I haven't been technically diagnosed yet.  I brought up the dent a couple weeks ago and they told me to wait it out.  Well it's gotten quite painful and it's hard to become aroused anymore.  I've done an existential amount of research on this subject and I think I have learned a brunt of what I need to know.  Thanks to the info on this site and many other places.  I won't post much since I'm still taking all this in, but I've already clocked over an hour on this site alone.

A little about my personal life - As you know I am 21 and I have lived in New Hampshire all my life.  I am currently in a long distance relationship with the love of my life.  She's very supportive of me and this condition.  She's also the only person outside of anyone in a medical field I've told about this.  Having support from her helps me greatly.  Unfortunately this comes with a huge downfall.  I suffer from extremely high anxiety.  So with the long distance and this condition I can barely even get an erection anymore.  This has been a major blow to my self-confidence.  Things can't seem to get any worse right now, but that's why I am seeking help.  This is a great site and I appreciate everyone who provides information and the owners.

I thank you all who took the time to read this novel of mine.  I will update it as I go seeing how this condition doesn't go away over night.
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