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Author Topic: HARD FLACCID SYNDROME, pls help!!!  (Read 103 times)

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« on: June 28, 2020, 10:30:45 PM »

Hello guys! I started a new topic, because I see there isn't lof of information about this thing. So, I had Nesbit operation with excision and incision and shortening of penis about 3,5cm. From 21 to apx. 17 cm now. I was operated by the best surgeon in country. I saw why. They straightened penis perfectly and in one week it looked like i had no surgery. Okay, everything went well, it was perfectly, straight penis, rock erections... My budy stood well in air, like perfectly. So, here goes week 5, I had some erection and then everything fell down. I grab my penis and liitle looked how it looks like in mirror, and little moved him left right up down, carefully. Suddenly I think I heard some pop sound. Then I lost erection. Something like electricity was felt on left side. Also I feel one knot it's not strong like it used to be. But no blood no swelling, nothing. And from that day forward I have that feeling in my penis. Don't know what happened. I quickly informed my surgeon what is going on, so he checked me. Said it's perfect, like it was. Sutures on their places, nothing to be worry about. Okay feeling. I got feeling like it's numb penis, different penile sensory, bad erection, bad erection standing up, weird feeling of skin, soft penis, that feelings... I explained all that to my doctor. But he is really proffesional, and he said it's defenitely nothing. Like I said sutures on its places, no swelling, no blood. Just that feeling. It's 2 weeks now. Okay I investigated this i couldnt stop because I know it eas different and perfect these first 5 weeks. Now it's weird feeling. So, I came to end and I think I have "hard flaccid syndrome"! Yes, these symptoms all include that perfectly. I wonder has anyone experienced that? Please help, I need you help! I'm verry depressed. What can I do. I wanna have intercourse, because I'm just from surgery, everything went well, not this. Hard flaccid syndrome that's it. I will inform my doc to this. Has anyone have experience with this, please help, thanks!!!
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