Xiaflex to be pulled out of Canada by the end of June

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Hey guys, my uro told me i had to act fast to secure my xiaflex treatment. I paid out of pocket, yet to do the injections as he said i should wait because he sees more plaques. For anyone in Canada, you will have to buy your viles before the end of June which is very soon, or you will have to pay 3-4 times the price because of exchange rate and the company not wanting to match Canadian Pharma pricing in the US.
37 Years Old
April 2019; pop sound from BJ
Diagnosed Sept 2019. Possible 2nd injury
Have 2 very large plaques and loss of size and girth
Pain for 2 years
Tried VED, Traction, Xiaflex
Pentox 3 times 2.5 mg Cialis daily started Colchicine 2/17/20


Yes, this is true.  My doctor said the same thing.
Nov 2019-60% Dorsal Curve-Some calcification
6 Verapamil injections -not much change
Traction & VED & DMSO+Mix -some change
4 XIAFLEX shots plus Traction -good change
Curve now 38% +2\3 inch added
1 year process so far
Thanks guys and this website!


The same is happening in Australia.
There is some stock here that expires in March 2021 and it looks like I'll have 6 vials for the princely sum of $8701 AUD.
Add 300 per uro visit $1800
Total will be $10501 AUD

At today's exchange rate that is $14537.32 USD.

I hope it works.
Mild bend in 2013, Stabilised at 40 degrees in 2017
6 Xiaflex shots 2020 - 2021.
Now more or less straight.