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Hi guys, i last posted in the introduce yourself thread a few weeks ago if you'd like to view my history.

To give you a quick run down i developed Peyronies about 7 months ago. Since then i have been taking a number of oral supplements and up until about a month ago i had almost resigned myself to an implant to correct the curve.
I still have a phone consult booked with Dr Eid next month to discus that option but i'd like to post an update on how my condition has changed over the last month.

When i was first diagnosed with Peyronies (July 2019) i stared taking Pentox (400mg 3 x daily) along with Cialis (5mg per day) and Vitamin E (1000mg daily) along with Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Arginine.

After 3 months i had noticed very little difference, in fact my curve had gotten worse and i had 2 main plaques - 1 on the top of the shaft towards the glans and one on the underside that ran like a thin strip from about midway up to the glans.

I had developed Peyronies quickly - At the start of June last year i had no noticeable curve or symptoms and at the end of July i had the palpable plaques and an upward/left curve of about 30 degrees.

I didn't like the way Pentox made me feel, so about 2 months ago i stopped taking it. At the time i stopped taking it my curve had worsened and was approx 60-70 degrees with some hinging.

About 6 weeks ago i made some major changes to my diet and over the last month i have seen some noticeable improvements.

The plaques now feel softer, and the one on the underside of my shaft seems to have decreased in size by about 50%.

Here's what i did:

I cut out almost all sugar from my diet and began exercising. I am not an overweight guy, but have been doing high intensity cardio mixed with light weights.
I started loading all my food up (and i really mean loading it up) up with raw ginger, chilli, garlic and lemon grass and switched from Acetyl L-Carnitine to L-Citrulline powder. Before every meal i also have a glass of water with some raw ginger and a teaspoon of L-Citrulline powder.

I take 4000mg of Vitamin C a day and still take 1000mg of high quality Vitamin E. I also take 3000mg of fish oil. I also quit smoking 6 weeks ago.

Over the last few weeks i have noticed that my curve has improved and is now at around 40 degrees. The plaque on the top used to feel tough, but now does not seem as firm - inflexible when i have an erection and i think this is what is causing the curve to relax.

Up until 6 weeks ago i would estimate i had lost around close to an inch in length, but over the last few weeks this loss seems to have improved as well, and i think that if you included the measurement around the curve then my measurement would now almost be back to what it was pre-peyronies.

I'm going to stick to this regime and will update you all if things continue to improve, but i can say for certain that after 7 months from onset, things got worse up until about 6 weeks ago but there has been a definite improvement since then when i started my new diet and supplement regime.

I'm no doctor, but if i had to take a guess at the main reason for the improvement i would say it is the combination and healing / anti inflammatory properties of the large doses of raw ginger, garlic, chilli, lemon grass and L-Citrulline i'm taking. I still take 5mg of Cialis every night as well.
45 year old male. Lump first noticed in July 2019. Peyronies diagnosed August 2019. Currently have around a 65 degree upward/left curve. Have tried Pentox, Tamoxifen, Carnitine, L-Arginine, Vitamin E etc. Now considering an implant to correct. No ED.


Cialis does have anti-fibrotic effects and combination treatments have shown promise not only in studies but here on this forum. We have every reason to think diet helps PDS and other fibrotic disorders, you just don't read.

As for fruit, I don't think the inflammatory response from fructose is worth it. That's just my opinion but it's worth googling "fructose and inflammation" to see what it does to your vascular system. Berries here and there are another story, mostly.