Need help for anti inflammation/plaque. Plaque is forming quickly

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Hey, my name is blake. I'm 19 years old and desperately need advice. Let me explain my condition ( please let me know if anyone needs more info)

I've had Peyronie's for about two years give or take. It started off mild with moderate hourglassing/ indentations on both sides in the middle of my penis. It healed itself a while back, maybe a year ago, since then though, it's been downhill since. Plaque started forming on the left side of my penis. Some bending occurred and of course the pain. My condition would change all the time. The plaque would heal, get worse, heal, get worse and so on. As of right now, my condition is getting worse Extremely rapidly. For the past 4 or so months, the plaque on the left side of my dick has been healing and regressing from a day to day basis, it's never stable. Starting last night , plaque has all of a sudden started forming on the right side of my penis as well. The right side of my penis has never really had a problem and was never as bad as the left. From literally last night till now, there is what I think to be a noticeable plaque buildup already on the right side. It has progressed insanely fast. I can feel it and there is a new dent-like deformation on the right side.

I have not masturbated since October of last year. I have no clue as to why my condition is getting terrible. My dick is had a tough time fighting the plaque on the left side and now it has to fight plaque on the right side.

In previous bouts, the plaque has gotten so bad on the left side that I can't get an erection. It healed usually over night when it got that bad but never fully back to normal. My fear is that the plaque will get that bad again and not heal.

I am taking acetyl l carnitine, l arginine and coq10 daily, not sure if it's making a difference.

I'm currently trying to see a urologist but I've experienced a delay and desperately need help in the meantime as it might take a while to see the specialist.

This all has taken a massive toll on my mental state. I feel like constantly breaking down. I can't focus and I can't stop worrying. I'm extremely  afraid that my dick won't heal this time.

I have two questions
1. What can I do to stop the plaque formation and reverse it quickly?!?! I'm open to any helpful suggestions
2 given my specific case, is there hope my my future? Is there a good chance I can heal my dick or have I passed the point of no return?  I'm honestly terrified.

I'm sorry if this post is sporadic or lacks information. I'm writing this under immense stress and I feel terrible. I can send photos if needed to people and feel free to ask for more information.  


Hey there, I'll try to help. The on/off nature of your symptoms and quick forming/breaking down of the plaque don't sound like anything I have heard from others on the site (or my own experience). Try to stay as calm as you can until you see the urologist and can get an expert opinion. Until then, keep up the oral supplements and consider traction. And if you haven't masturbated in 3+ months, maybe give that a go (gently!). You must have far stronger willpower than me.
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the conditions you described are stressful! No need to apologize.  I relate to both the stress and the fast plaque build-up.  I did not do anything I hadn't done in the previous 59 years of life and   plaque (LOTS!) formed less than 48 hours!  I'm 9 months into treatment with Xiaflex.  It's working, but slowly.  It's still not possible for me  to use or even consider using my afflicted organ.  The recent positive development is that it may be possible to use it in another 6 months or so.  Meanwhile, there's discomfort, pain, embarrassment, anger, and limits on physical activity.  I may finally be able to use my rowing machine again. Testing will begin later this week. 

My notes above are meant to commiserate and encourage.  Hang in there.
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First thing, congratulations, you are in the great country of America, which gives you many more possibilities to solve this problem :)

What started this process initially?
Do you have any other health issues? How is your lifestyle(fitness or sedentary etc.?)

Quote1. What can I do to stop the plaque formation and reverse it quickly?!?! I'm open to any helpful suggestions
2 given my specific case, is there hope my my future? Is there a good chance I can heal my dick or have I passed the point of no return?  I'm honestly terrified.

You could go to a normal doctor first and take blood tests to check if there's any underlying problem.

Your worries and "terrification" will not help you. It puts your body into constant stress mode which ups inflammation etc. calm in some way down and focus your mind towards the solution. Breath fully and let go.
2. Yes, many greatly improved or solved their peyronies or penis issues with various means. Can potentially take some time though.

1. Quickly probably wont happen. Traction for example is a way to stretch the faulty tissue that takes a daily use for possibly many weeks or months to get results.

It's not unusual that plaques form at different times. Also existing plaques can inflame the tissue around them.

You need to surely get to an urologist, ask for pentox and possibly verapamil. If your blood flow to the penis is low you might also need low dose cialis.

Avoid anything that aggravates the tissue right now.

I say it to everyone cause I believe in it, transdermal application of DMSO+ascorbic acid(vitamin C) should be a staple IMO, if you know what you're doing and act rationaly and logically. Vitamin C is antiinflamatory and needed in building healthy collagen. It's also antagonistic vs. calcium(which the plaques consist of)
Topical Iodine can help with inflammation too and possible if the plaque is near the skin have impact without the DMSO carrier.
Any other healthy supplements you take orally, if they don't hurt, can help in the big picture, but wont solve it on their own.

Read more of the forum and think about several possibilities in your treatment and make educated decisions.
Daily Transdermals and Traction/VED solved my Peyronies Disease,12587.0.html (DMSO+X)


Be sure to read the survival guide fir the standard treatments that have shown success.  Especially consider pentox, low dose nightly cialis or viagra and traction or VED,3180.msg44057.html#msg44057
Welcome and please keep us posted.
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