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Author Topic: Progression beyond 18 months?  (Read 1302 times)

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Progression beyond 18 months?
« on: November 30, 2019, 02:11:53 AM »

I had a previous progression post which I kept updated to month 5. The posts stop there as I stopped visiting the forum after a while but I think after 18 months of progression, another update is warranted (you can find the previous post here:,10170.msg100186.html#msg100186)

A bit of background, I'm 25 years old and currently living in Thailand. Overall, there were no rapid changes to my symptoms since day 1 (April 23, 2018); it was just a very very gradual progression over the past year and a half. However, these slight symptoms seem to be more consistent as time went on (e.g. from only bending some mornings, to bending every morning) and seem to still be gradually progressing even now that I've hit the 18 month mark. Also, I personally can't feel any plaque and neither did the 2 urologists I met towards the beginning, though no ultrasound was performed.

Symptoms at 18 months:
- perfectly straight, virtually unchanged from pre-peyronies stage

- most visible signs here, especially at halfway erect
- 10-15 degrees bend to the right in normal conditions (appears more as a gradual curve than a bend actually)
- once in a while, the bend appears on the left instead, though the degree is slightly less than the right
- slight dent on the right and very slight hourglassing on the left up to halfway erect (after that it somewhat disappears though the curve is still there)
- overall hourglassing is more pronounced after ejaculation

- very slight symptoms and virtually unnoticeable (my girlfriend doesn't even notice any difference)
- slight bending to the right
- slight hourglassing towards the base

Other points
- most of the symptoms mentioned above seem to be the worst in the morning. It usually hourglasses more than usual or has up to a 30 degrees bend to the right (though sometimes to the left); this usually resolves within roughly 30 minutes into the normal state
- hourglassing is also more pronounced during ejaculation and bowel movements


Since around 1.5 weeks ago...
- 3x Ibuprofen (200mg) a day after each meal (just trying this out due to this post which had similar symptoms to me:,11481.msg106917.html#msg106917)
- 1x Citrulline (1200mg) before sleep
- Reverse kegels throughout the day (just in case any of symptoms relate to me always kegel-ing quite hard during sexual activities/masturbation)

- I will try to visit another urologist to have Cialis and Pentox prescribed (previous 2 uros I've visited in the beginning have dismissed my symptoms as Peyronies...)
- If you look at my original post, at times I've taken CoQ10, Pentox, and VitE but these weren't really kept up
- I also bought a Penimaster pro but really haven't used it due to a combination of fear that it might somehow injure my penis more, being at the office till late most days of the week, and living with my entire family (don't want them to somehow find out)

- Masturbate around 1x a day (sometimes 2), though I've recently cut down by a lot to around only once a week (before first symptoms appeared more like 2x a day)
- Drink alcohol around one night out each week
- Smoke (IQOS) around once a day after work

Overall, it seems like my symptoms are quite atypical of most people with Peyronies Disease (e.g. perfectly erect, gradual progression even at 18 months, etc.). Would love any thoughts from anyone that has had similar symptoms or can provide other possible explanations. Thanks!

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