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Echoing what neoV talks about on his channel, if you look at this guy "David Laid" who's legitimately the epitome of a F^@$!ng alpha male, his sex tape got leaked and he has a legit 90 degree upwards bend, probably worse than 90% of members on this forum, but I doubt he even realizes it's peyronie's. I guarantee you no girl in the ENTIRE WORLD would give a single crap about Laid's dick, cause he's an attractive, jacked as F~@< confident guy ( Screenshot by Lightshot ) This is just a wake up call to guys worrying, no one gives a crap about your dick apart from YOU. David is an example of someone who does not pay any heed whatsoever to it, and as a result it has no affect on his life whatsoever. Obviously not everyone here is as jacked as David, but the principle is the same, this "disease" has very very minimal affect unless you allow it to. It's all in your head


I agree if you can have sex, it does not matter much and at some point you have to accept it.
What about dealing with pain though? I believe that could affect things.


I think those with serious Erectile Dysfunction, or those who are in a lot of physical pain, or those who have a bend which makes sex impossible, would probably disagree with:

Quote"this "disease" has very very minimal affect unless you allow it to. It's all in your head".
This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

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Totally agree with the guys who responded above.

These generalizations always make no sense.

If you are fully able to have sex but you are still complaining about peyronie's having wrecked your sex life and not being able to perform, you should maybe take care more of an obvious body dismorphic disorder rather than peyronie's: in such cases the problem is the former, not the latter.

Otherwise, independently from anyone's thinking, you SHOULD REALLY CARE about your peyronie's.


Ok so a couple things here,

It is true that women do not care about your penis, we don't care how big or how small we don't care if it is bent etc... That is something that men think about.

Saying that Peyronies has "minimal affect on a man and is only in your head" is an unfair statement. While it may not affect you and you are fine with what you are dealing with, that's fine but... there are men that are unable to have sex and have a great deal of pain and that have gotten E.D. this has affected their lives both physically and mentally.

Peyronies has a broad spectrum of symptoms in many different degrees, to generalize it saying it is all in your head is unfair in my opinion

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Whatever helps you sleep at night.
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[It is true that women do not care about your penis, we don't care how big or how small we don't care if it is bent etc... That is something that men think about.

Right. So what you are saying is that, when a good looking guy with severe Peyronie's, goes into the shower at the YMCA and bares his dick with the 90 degree bend, he doesn't care??? Yeah, sorry, I call BS.

You can't make a blanket statement about ALL MEN, it's simply not the same for everyone. :)

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pey ron

what i see in that pic is a high erection angle, not a bad thing...
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I thought it was just a youthful high angle as well...but the point that men prob worked more than a female partner still is a good one.
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