2 Years Later, Good Recovery, There is Hope

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2 Years ago I suffered a serious penile fracture while having sex, woman on top. It was the interior portion of the penis. It was misdagnosed within 24 hours of going to a hospital as not being a fracture, so I had no surgery. The penis was swollen and some blood pooling was visible. When the event happened I could definitely feel a painful crack and my penis immediately swelled towards the head in way that was clearly bad.

This begin possibly the worst year of my life. I have come through the darkness so thought to report what I experienced here in case it is helpful for others.

I couldn't get an erection for months after the event, and thought maybe I never would be able to again. When I eventually started to be able to, months later (though this was also due to my not trying), my penis was grotesquely deformed - my erection looked like a pig's tail, corkscrewing around, totally impossible to have sex, and impossible to maintain for more than seconds. One doctor nicely told me it was "horrific". I was reading all about every treatment under the sun, scouring this forum, and just generally freaking out. Talked to many doctors, considered surgery. Considered an implant. Saw several specialists. Underwent stem cell treatment/injections, injections for peyronies (Interferon, Pep), took meds (forgot the name, the standard peyronies anti-inflammatory meds many people here take), took tons of supplements, applied oils, tried electric toothbrush massage, VED, traction, acupuncture, taping hand warmers to my dick, castor oil massage - you name it, I did it. I was told by a doctor that my case was one of the worst cases he had ever seen (a specialist in treating penile injury and Peyronie's), that I tested for nerve damage, that I would probably never be able to get erections without an injection, and should seriously think about a pump. I now have a fully functioning straight dick (albeit with a still evident slight swelling where the fracture happened, and .5 inches lost in length) and have regular amazing sex. I use viagra but a big part of that is that I am 46 with a history of heart issues in my family, I think it is more related to circulation. Basically though the fact that I can have awesome erections with only 20mg is a freakin miracle.

My takeaways are the following:

- Having a penile injury/Peyronie's is an absolute nightmare and will break you if you let it. Don't let it. How you not let it is, you make yourself accept the fact that there is a chance you will recover, even if small. You then make yourself face that time is ticking away, and taking action, any action, will start to train your mind that you can overcome this, and begin the healing process. My greatest regret is that I spent the first 6 months pissing around feeling sorry for myself in a crippling depression. I lost a lot of time that I could have spent recovering quicker. It is absolutely crucial that you accept, yes, this has happened, yes, it sucks, no, nobody really cares or feels sorry for you, no, society and medicine do not even really acknowledge this as a real problem, and yes, you are basically on your own here. Your dick may shrink, break, bend, hurt, and not work right, possibly forever, no one will care, you wife will leave you and you will die broken, forgotten, and and alone whimpering softly into a pile of wet cardboard boxes on the side of the street. This is very possible. You can have this if you want this. Or, you can fight to save your dick. It is possible to save it. I am proof, others are proof. It just takes time, luck, healthy habits, positive thinking, and patience. Welcome to mankind's secret rite of passage. Offered to the few and unfortunate. But if you can survive it, you will gain a perspective and power you never could have imagined.

- Peyronies is not a disease. Its a condition. It has no agency. Its a healing reaction to trauma. This is my totally unscientific theory. But believe me, if you try to make sense of all this with just science, you will lose your mind. I don't care how many studies you read, you will never find the secret scientific consensus, because there is none. Spoiler: doctors don't agree and they're all taking shots in the dark. The upshot is this: the penis is a very complex mechanism, and every disorder/issue/problem is very unique to that penis, injury, set of circumstances, and personal health situation. This is why its nearly impossible to do anything but trial and error when it comes to treating penile injury (and I include Peyronie's into penile injury.) I also think different men are more predisposed to others towards curvature. My erections were so badly twisted it made moderate Peyronies look fun, but I don't think my penis is predisposed to be twisted, so I think over time and many erections and other treatments it straightened itself. I think some men more predisposed to curvature may not necessarily have arrived back at straight, and though they could have the same outcome, it may have taken longer. This is just the feeling I get from reading about other men's experiences and is an unscientific conclusion. But its hard for me to see it as being any other way.

- Here are the things that I actually noticed differences with - Viagra, traction, hydro VED, time, patience, exercise, walking, and getting erections. Stem cell therapy may have worked, as for the other injections. I got several over 6 months, and did notice improvement over that time. However its really hard to to tell what was the injections and what was just time and healing. I don't think oral supplements, meds or otherwise, did much of anything but make me feel like I had more control than I did.

- One thing I will say with absolute certainty - At least for my body and situation, I avoided even trying to get erections for too long, thinking that to give my dick a break would help it heal, and after reading advice to that effect. After my experience though, my theory is, your dick needs blood to heal, and it needs to be moving and becoming erect to maintain and heal its function. My mom just got here knees replaced. PT had her walking on them within 24 hours. If I had known then what I know now I would have been pushing for more erections sooner. Yes they hurt, thats a good thing, it means you can still heal. When the pain has gone it is stable scar tissue and seems to take much longer to modify. Anyway, all my gains came after I started proactively getting erections.

- Regarding Viagra, it says to avoid for Peyronie's. I believe this is to avoid people messing themselves up by taking too much, and liability reasons. For me, taking small amounts to kickstart the erection getting process again was HUGE. Psychologically too. I absolutely tie many of my gains to taking conservative amounts of Viagra, and getting as much blood flow to the penis as I could.

There's no going back from penile injury. You can only go forward. Accept that this happened and is real. You are now in Hellraiser. The centibites may show you pleasure you've never known, they did me, my sex life is the best its ever been, no exaggeration. But they will rip apart your soul first. Its up to you if you can survive it. Its a decision. Go watch Wes Watson on youtube, ask yourself how he would have approached the situation, then do that.

It is possible to recover. And I believe with traction I could get that .5" I lost back. Maybe I'll get around to it one day. But I'm happy now so I don't worry about it too much.

Last thing - use this forum, and the internet, but use them BRIEFLY and only as needed. Take a 6 mile walk, drink water, and do deep breathing. This well help you recover from this infinitely more than reading 5000 different sources fo advice and trying to synthesize them into the "best plan". Don't fall into forum paralysis. Just get started with the basics, exercise and meditation and getting control of your mental state, then start incorporating healing modalities and see what what you feel is working. Give things a chance too. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Good luck out there. Welcome to being a man and handling your situation.  


Yes, I was unable to get any sort of an erection for months, and even then only with a doctors injection. My hematoma was quite mild, to the point where the doctor in the emergency room misdiagnosed me as not having a fracture.

What I believe helped the most (and again this is for Peyronie's/ED as a result of a fracture with no surgical repair) was getting blood flow to the penis via erections, traction (for curvature), and hydro VED (for ED) - actual physical therapy. This is was just my sense when all was said and done - it is very difficult to ascribe progress to specific treatments when you are trying so many simultaneously. Of course, ymmv, and be very careful to not overdo it - you can easily cause further trauma if you don't know what you're doing. But guess what - no one knows what they are doing. Its literally all trial and error, specific to your particular case. So you have to decide where your risk tolerance is, and weigh risk vs reward. But keep in mind - inactivity, or keeping the penis flaccid and avoiding erections absolutely comes with risk as well. I basically never pushed anything, never went to 100% in VED, conservative with traction, etc. Also don't cum if you masturbate, at least for periods. Look up Taoist sexual practices of semen retention. Producing semen is very costly for your body, you need to build up strength and confidence during this period, need to raise sense of virility and belief in self.


Penis injury in late 2017. A lump formed at injury site that caused no deformity, just pain and a palpable lump. Pain is improving through proper rest and use, diet, and mindfulness. I am always learning and looking to share things that have helped.

Young Man

Man thank you for sharing this story with us. You've been through a lot...
The psychological effect of this condition is almost if not as bad as the physical side of it.
And it is helpful to see that you have been able to recover.  
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It is these reports that keep motivating me not to give up  8)
age: 43
relationship: married
symptoms: ~45 degree bend / curve up
Started October 2019 with bent erection (dent/notch)
Daily Tadalafil
Traction with PMP
VED with one cylinder


This is one of the best, most inspiring and heartfelt posts on here. Thank you for keeping us motivated  with your insightful and honest approach to a condition that can often cripple our self esteem and mental wellbeing.  
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