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Hi everyone. My 21 year old boyfriend was recently diagnosed with Peyronie's.
At first he suspected something was wrong but the curvature was not very evident, it has worsen over time. We have been to four different urologists and no one seems to help, the first doctor prescribed Cialis to attempt to break the scar tissue but he did not take it. He is now taking Pentoxifylline as prescribed by his current urologist. He does not suffer from ED and is very healthy overall. We have looked into shock therapy but it honestly looks like a scam. This is incredibly affecting our lives and relationship, I feel very guilty and he feels devastated.
Please I beg you all to share what alternative or conventional treatments have worked for you and the name of your doctor if he/she has helped you. We live in Florida, US but we are willing to travel anywhere to find an effective treatment.
Thank you in advance.
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Sorry to hear about this.

"Very healthy" does not mean anything anymore, unfortunately.

My opinion after having the disease for over a decade and recovering is,

Almost all evidence points to Peyronie's being a metabolic issue that affects certain men more than others. It requires an extremely low carb diet and fasting (keto or carnivore). He needs to let his penis rest, fast, and do traction. Supplements like CoQ10 and ALCAR may help but ultimately it is fasting, resting, and traction that will prevent worsening and correct his symptoms. He should also look into heat therapy (rice sock method).

I do not think any invasive procedure or doctor treatment works or is worth doing unless you have severe symptoms. Diet and the physical therapies is the real bottom line in my mind.

There are other opinions on what may or may be effective all over the forums but in general there is a loose consensus here on what does and doesn't tend to work. It may take a bit of time to let it all sink in so try to relax for now and just go over the forums slowly. Try not to stress too much at this point. The disease tends to get worse fast and then stabilize or get better (if you are doing things right).


Hi NeoV. Thank you for taking the time to answer.
We have actually watched many of your videos and he has been on a strict keto diet for about four months while also fasting frequently. Unfortunately, we have not seen results yet. What brand of traction device do you suggest?
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