2019, penile traction device reduces the use of collagenase in Peyronie disease

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A new medical protocol to treat the Peyronie disease was developed based on the clinical study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, May-2019, The use of a penile traction device reduces the need of cycles of collagenase in patients with Peyronie disease. by Dr. Gómez, Dr. Romero-Otero et al..

During the scientific research, patients got a maximum of 4 cycles of treatment, each cycle based upon 2 injections of collagenase in 24-72 hrs, complied with by utilize of the penile traction device for 6 weeks. The everyday use the device was a minimum of 4 hrs a day.

The final thought of this clinical research study was that the combination of collagenase together with the penile traction device manages to minimize the number of collagenase cycles and obtains results comparable to other medical studies, achieving an enhancement in the cost of treatment.


This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

Review of current treatment options by Levine and Sherer]


Wonderful addition but not surprising, as we already knew traction prevented men from needing surgery or invasive procedures in the first place. Still, glad to see this!