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Author Topic: Is this a peyroines timeline?  (Read 957 times)

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Is this a peyroines timeline?
« on: April 16, 2019, 12:16:53 AM »

April 2018 - injury during sex, she came down on it from on top. Definitely bent a lot, light pain but I continued and thought nothing of it

- following week or so I was sick and also anxious I may have injured my penis so had difficulty getting erect

- 2 weeks later, April/may 2018 I notice an indent bottom left of my penis. I push on it and feel a shooting pain up my shaft. Nothing is actually visible but I feel it and learn about peyroines online become very anxious. Go to clinic, show him pictures and get dismissed for anxiety.

- May-september 2018 I convince myself I must have peyroines. Can no longer pinpoint dent but constantly checking for lumps and masturbating to see if there are any changes. Sensitivity on left side of glans, I considered this related. Also feel like it could be buckling on left side where dent is.

- September-march 2019 continually concerned, thought might have a septal plaque. sometimes sore erections if I use my penis more than once within 8 hours.

- March/April 2019. Been exactly a year, no changes visually (I think). Still concerned left side is too flexible. Maybe some pain if I masturbate roughly or put pressure. Sex is ok. Cautious with girl on top because my dick feels like it could be fragile but could also be in my head. Left side bottom has always been a bit thinner but worried I'm losing girth. No changes in length measurements.

My question: does this sound like peyroines progression after a year?? Would I know by now? 
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Re: Is this a peyroines timeline?
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2019, 10:05:47 AM »

Hard to say as many people have different times lines in the development of peyronies. But I would say if you cannot feel any plaque(which isn't always the case), that you do not have a curve or indentation, then I would say probably not. I don't see too many if any symptoms of peryronies besides possibly injuring it. Which you could have done. But if you are able to have sex and see no issues, then if I were you, I'd be relieved. Only sure way to know, is to go see a qualified urologist . It would put your mind at rest.
Early 50s, 7 months diagnosed. 55 degree curve, indentation at base to the left.
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