Congenital ventral curvature - plication operation 6th April 2010

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Hi all,

I have had congenital ventral/downwards curvature of my erection - approximately 30-40 degrees - since my early/mid teens. I am not sure if this was a condition I was born with, reason being, in primary school (pre-puberty) I always wore my penis downwards in my underwear, and I remember frequently having erections whilst in the curved down shape. I would not be surprised if that is what caused the corporal bodies to develop unevenly. But maybe it is just co-incidence as I did also have a tight frenulum which caused the glans to pull down then the foreskin was retracted - so who knows.

This was a condition that has caused a HUGE amount of psychological and emotional stress since my mid/late teens until now (I'm 31 this year). It has, without any doubt, had a massive impact on my confidence and self esteem. No matter how hard I tried to pretend it didn't bother me, fact was, it made me feel inferior to other men, that I was sexually - and then generally, inadequate. I'd say it caused what would have been diagnosed as mild depression and an anxiety disorder (I never dought psychological help with this, I was too embarrassed).

In terms of sex, I have had a long term girlfriend, and 4 short term girlfriends. Whilst none of them had any problem aesthetically with my downwards curve at all, it was always a hinderance for any face to face sexual positions, causing discomfort to them and to me. Rear entry positions were generally ok, but even then the curve was too much and could still cause discomfort to both parties.

I had a frenulum breve and consequent frenuloplasty last year, which led me to read more about conditions of the penis. I was quite sure I didn't have peyronies as I felt no plaque, my erection had curved down since puberty, and it was a consistent bend along the length of the erect penis.
The frenuloplasty didn't go particularly well and left me with what I'd call a bit of penile ptsd, which led to erectile dysfuction - I haven't had a 100% strong erection for at least a year. I will also add that, even prior to that, my erections always felt 'restricted' or 'tight' on the underside of my penis - around the length of the urethra area, and they were hard to maintain.

I found some information and forums a few years ago about manual penis enlargement, and over a year I gained 1 inch in length and .75 inches girth. This seemed to straighen my erection slightly, but not much. I finally called it quits a few months ago after talking to a member on this forum who had very similar symptoms to mine, and had corrected it successfully with a plication operation. After doing ALOT of research around different types of corrective surgeries, and surgeons (in the UK), I found a surgeon who seemed very well qualified and I had my nesbit plication yesterday afternoon.

The surgery took approximately 1 hour. I had a general anesthetic and can't remember a thing. I am on pain killers and have felt very little pain in the last 24 hrs. My penis is somewhat swollen, as expected, and is being kept upwards/vertical by very tight underwear with padding added. I have no dressing as such. I've been instructed to abstain from any sexual activity for 6 weeks while the tunica re-joins/grows back together - the sutures hold it together to enable this. I've been told that nocturnal erections are fine and erections in general are also fine as the skin needs to start stretching out again. I asked about suture failure and was told that there is generally a 10% failure rate in plication stats generally, but that aside they had a 99% success rate, and that the sutures were made very strong to avoid breaking before the tunica had re-joined.

I also had a partial circumcision and the circ line is about half a cm under my glans.

So now it's time to let it heal up nice and strong. I am quite interested and also apprehensive about how it will turn out. I asked for a 10 degree upward curve and the surgeon said he had made this, so we'll find out in a few weeks.

To the people that run this forum, I'd just like to express my huge thanks, if it wasn't for meeting someone on this forum who had already undergone the plication procedure, I probably wouldn't have gone ahead with it myself. Thank you. And huge thanks also to the member of the forum who provided so much info and support. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to PM me. Cheers.


Hi gavman, I just came across this post. I have a similar issue to you. I am contemplating this surgery booked for November. I'm wondering how are you? Can you give any updates years after surgery? Was it successful? Is it still good? Did you lose any length? Anything you could share would be wonderful! Thanks!
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