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Author Topic: Suspect I have developed Peyronie disease after abstinence from PMO  (Read 1041 times)

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  • 57 yrs old

I’m 57 years old and about 29 months ago I began to trying stop watching porn and masturbating. I became aware of how severely addicted to PMO I was and struggled greatly with stopping. In the beginning I couldn’t stop edging and watching porn; but as the months have passed, I am better able to resist indulging in PMO behaviors. At first, I felt like I couldn’t sleep without PMO. Now that I have greatly reduced my compulsive addiction to PMO, I have become worried that I have severely damaged myself.
Many negative events have transpired over the last 24 months; starting with losing my job and becoming isolated and very inactive. Digestive problems have returned with a vengeance and I have gained 40 lbs and probably lost a lot of muscle mass.
With a dramatic drop of income, I was unable to continue self medicating myself with marijuana and have had trouble sleeping due to actively dreaming.
I’m in the process of applying for SSDI benefits, but now with the realization that I have Peyronie disease and possibly Erectile Dysfunction, I am beyond depressed.
I have struggled with depression since childhood and over the past 20 years it’s been especially difficult for me. After steadily improving and working for 5 years, I thought I’d finally recovered the life I had lost after losing my job, home, and marriage.
I’m extremely worried and don’t know what to do about this new problem with Peyronie being the cherry on top of the crap sundae that is my life. I have been clinging to the hope that I could rebuild a life worth living again, but now I feel profoundly defeated.
Any advice and suggestions will be appreciated.
Tomorrow I see my psychologist and report that while I am trying to remain positive, I think my life has gotten much, much worse. I’m also having skin with dry skin, itching, spontaneous rashes, and now open sores appearing on my scrotum.😣 I had gone to a urologist and was told I had an enlarged prostate that he wanted to remove, but without any negative symptoms I was told by my PCP to not go through with it. Next  I hope I am able to see a sexual dysfunction doctor who will be able to help. With everything that has happened I’m worried that I will finally give up and commit suicide.
Joined NoFap 2 1/2 years ago. Decreased marijuana use, and now suspect that I have Peyronie disease and shortening of my penis. Lost my job 27 months ago and became severely depressed and inactive. I’m seeking information on how I can possibly heal.

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I appreciate you are in a bad situation. I have to say I started to feel better when I made myself a treatment plan. A traction device should not be expensive. The 30 bucks ones on ebay are, I think, just as good as the expensive ones. I don't see anything wrong with the cheap vacuums either. Vitamin E should help with pain. I wish you well, man.


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Def get started by reading the survival guide here: Peyronies Survival Guide - Information for New Members - Peyronies Society Forums
You’re in the right place fir support, bring your questions here.
PxD 2 yrs 9/16.  Failed all treatment. 9/11/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS CX 18cm + 3-1cm RTEs.
Pump failed.  2/11/20 Dr Karpman installed Titan 22cm +1cm RTE.

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How big is your prostrate ? No symptoms and the doctor wanted it removed? That is strange. I can see if it is blocking your urine flow or is cancerous.
You're just at the age when many get Peyrones. I don't think Masturbating caused it. Everybody seems to want to blame themselves when really it can be just a part of aging. Many get plaque all over at the age of 50+
Good you are going to a psychologist. You need professional help to get your life back on track
5 Rounds of Xiaflex. Good results.

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    • Neoman

Take this opportunity to get in the best shape of your life, lower body fat, and eat CLEAN. At your age your metabolism won't let you get away with any mistakes. Peyronie's is intimately tied to metabolic dysfunction. Your penis can greatly recover but you need to take all measures possible. There is hope!
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