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Author Topic: Risks Versus Likelihood of Benefit  (Read 618 times)

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Risks Versus Likelihood of Benefit
« on: March 05, 2019, 08:06:32 PM »

I've been doing my best to make my way through the various topics and posts on the forum but wanted to create a new topic in the hopes that others with more experience and knowledge can help me sort through this data and help inform both my and others decisions on whether to go through with Xiaflex treatment.

In my case, I am dealing with what is to me severe narrowing right below the glans on either side of my penis. This used to be the largest part of my penis in girth before peyronies, and is now the narrowest. I can feel plaques just under the head on either side, I am still feeling pain over 16 months in and have only since January 2019 begun taking Cialis (2.5 mg), Pentox (400mg x3 daily) and various other supplements recommended by others from this site.

Are the risks associated with Xiaflex primarily hematoma's and bruising, with minor risk of corporal rupture in a small amount of cases? Or is there a significant (i.e. common) risk of further damage and deformity if Xiaflex does not improve deformity? Should I be weighing the risk of further damage to possible benefit, or are the primary concerns I should have be time, money and healing from otherwise temporary and uncomfortable side effects? Has it been a common or noted enough occurrence amongst users of this site that Xiaflex worsened their condition? And is there a solid enough body of anecdotal evidence from other users that I should seriously consider Xiaflex for narrowing without curving?

Any information is greatly appreciated, the users of this site have been very helpful in providing a knowledge base for me to become active in my treatment. I have found from going through previous topics that ones that compile information from others due to the input of users who have been here a while to have been the most helpful. Without this site I would likely not be considering traction or be on any oral medications. Hopefully this will help not just myself but others find the info they are looking for easier and inform the best course of action for them.
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