Is Your Doctor Impartial?

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I've heard it stated before that one of the main problems with US Doctors is the degree of influence both drug and medical device manufacturers have over them.

This influence is typically financial - offering lucrative speaking engagements, attending manufacturer-sponsored events (for which the cost is covered by the manufacturer), etc.

I wonder to what degree the Doctor's judgment is influenced by these "arrangements." Is their judgment impartial when they recommend a treatment or medical device to us?

I don't know the answer to that question, but I thought this web site was interesting. Many of the Urologists (including some very good ones) discussed on this site receive such "contributions."

For some reason the data only goes through 2016.
Single and 58 yrs. old - first peyronies symptoms Fall 2015
Had grafting surgery by Franklin Kuehhas in June 2016 - complete failure
Borderline ED possible but not taking drugs, shots or using VED
Now evaluating options for next step


This is some amazing information. I have made a few searches on the most well known doctors and I am stunned. Thank you so much for sharing this. I made it sticky, for easier access and I am also adding it to my database for future reference.

I also found another link within the one you shared that I found super interesting and I had no idea about:


QuoteMany bioethicists and leaders of major academic medical centers frown upon physicians delivering promotional talks for drug companies, saying they turn doctors into sales representatives rather than leaders in research and patient care.