Ultrasound / reduced Urine flow / VED

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Not sure I'm going about this the correct way.

A couple of questions: I noticed that I might have peyronies in July 2018, I saw my urologist in Oct 2018 for peyronies, he checked me manually & told me to take pictures now & take vitamin E 800IU. Take pictures in  4 months Feb 2019.
I had gone to this doctor 6 years ago for kidney stones He to me to come back in 4 months & said when I come back, I would get an ultrasound. I'm thinking an  ultrasound of my kidney's. I asked the receptionist if I needed a full bladder.

After reading about the ultrasound on the forum, I'm beginning to think that they are going to ultrasound my penis & not my kidneys. Is it done in a flaccid state or are they going to induce an erection inorder to see the plaque? I saw something about penile ultrasound with doppler.

Next question is it my imagination that my urine flow has decreased in force? I also wonder if a VED will help now or wait till I see the doctor in Feb 2019

Thanks in advance I do enjoy reading this forum, it has been very informative

ED - born 1952   /Peyronies Disease Onset 7/2018 at 65 / Prostatectomy 4/1/2019 / Low - T testosterone therapy June 2019 / June 2019 Peyronies Disease at 70 degrees - July 2019 started Xiaflex 1st cycle