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I have been impotent and almost completely devoid of feeling after developing pyronies 4 years ago. I'm not concerned with the deformation anymore, so much as this loss of feeling. I was convinced there was some sort of nerve damage. I went to one of these clinics in Toronto out of sheer desperation, because inhave become active again.  The doctor told me it would not help the deformation, but it would pain. I reluctantly agreed to 6 treatments.  I have only had my first treatment, but I tell you I went in with throbbing genitals and left mostly pain free. I also noticed the next day a great deal more sensation had returned. I don't often hear of Pyronies patients complaining of this and I always believed I was a particularly unlucky case -god knows none of the urologists seemed to understand, but it was a really serious issue for me. Really I can live with the deformity at this point, but I'm really hoping what I'm experiencing here is perminant because if it is and they were just able to break the calcified plaque up enough to allow sensation to return I will consider this a complete success.  I would also really like to connect to anyone else that has had this particular issue, and anyone who bought their own machine. Thanks.

I'll keep people posted.
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30yrs, diagnosed in feb. 2018 after possible injury (not sure), 4 plaques, 4 dents, S-surve, 30° right/45° up curve, tingle in the legs, sometimes penile pain an depressed.


I'm really interested in this. I have mild curvature but my big issue is lack of sensation particularly around/just behind my glans.

Do update!  
27 yr/o
Symptoms presented August 20, 2019
Slight bend to the left and down
downward hinging
distal hourglassing
loss of sensation


Not really much to support shockwave for Peyronie's in research or patients experience.  Would have been hear if this OP had followed up...
PxD 2 yrs 9/16.  Failed all treatment. 9/11/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS CX 18cm + 3-1cm RTEs.
Pump failed.  2/11/20 Dr Karpman installed Titan 22cm +1cm RTE.


I was able to get one ESWT treatment in prior to everything shutting down for Covid, I would say Ive seen some potentially mild improvement and likely will continue after things open up again. also would love to hear an update on this thread.

Suspected peyronies after using a cock ring November 2019
Ring of tissue pigment change at base, hour glass effect on the right side, bands of scar tissue forming in 4 different spots
Significant pain in both flaccid and hard states


Improvement in what area specifically?
45 y.o. Single. Onset of symptoms (pain-stinging like a wasp) @ 6/2018. No sudden injury. Curve developed slowly. 40 deg. dorsal. Hourglassing. Torsion to left flaccid. 4 rounds xiaflex. Restorex, DMSO+, heat, arginine, cialis, lipoic acid, vit. K2


Please keep updating us on the shockwave therapy!! I'm thinking of trying it
Penis injury in late 2017. A lump formed at injury site that caused no deformity, just pain and a palpable lump. Pain is improving through proper rest and use, diet, and mindfulness. I am always learning and looking to share things that have helped.


Ha. Sorry to leave you all hanging. Here I am cruising the forums after a long while and the only overtly positive post on this appears to be my own,lol.

So I did 3 of the 5 that were prescribed. Paid a ridiculous amount of money to do it. Pyronies for me is a chronic pain condition, so the treatments did help. I definitely had an improvement with erections as well. Pretty much right away. I'm not sure why I stopped going, but it had something to do with the fact that I was speaking to these poor girls -that I assumed were nurses - who told me they were minimum wage workers that just answered an ad. Incredibly awkward. The first two were friendly, but the 3rd showed an obvious disgust with what she found herself doing for work and I just felt crappy  about it. I think for me, for the pain reduction as the primary focus, it's worth revisiting. But not at the price I paid back then. It's a lot more competitive now so the treatments are about a third of what I paid prior. So I might check it out again. I would LOVE to try one of these Pheonix machines, but the whole spiel seems so gimmicky. Still mulling it. Would love to come accross some positive reviews first. They seem pretty few and far between.

It's a shitshow, this syndome. Really ruined my life. Those of you with a simple curve where your nerves are not affected, consider yourself lucky. Sex for me is a memory. Even blowjobs are unpleasant. I'm amazed my wife has stuck around. Because, not to be morbid, I would certainly commit suicide if anything happened to her. I say this with 10 years in now so I'm pretty used to it and speak frankly - but it has destroyed my self esteem and the confidence I have to navigate the world with. Social life, profession, etc..It's been A very existential affair.

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