what about traction benefits hourglassing and dents

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In this thread im not doubting that traction can cure dents and hourglassing, I am wondering how it can benifit hourglassing and dents. Does it improve overall circulation into calicified areas?
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There are many posts on this confirming that it does help. Traction removed or greatly reduced my hourglassing, which was my main issue in the first place.
Traction does improve blood flow and allow oxygen to flow into damaged areas or fibrotic areas of the penis. In this regard, it should be beneficial, but I might advise you to be extra careful compared to if you did not have calcification. I would also like to hear back from some guys with calcification who are doing traction.

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I just started manual traction. I'm with a calcified plaque (injured for the first time this year and already calcified).

Trying to follow your techniques Neo. I'm also trying to do a very gently straight stretching during erection/masturbation. We'll see how this is working for me. No man's land.  ::)


Hi Ds300, you could also try a VED, that works well filling your penis with fresh blood, pumping up and releasing pressures, helps fill in dents and hourglassing.
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I can see that this information is good for me to understand.

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Quote from: NeoV on August 13, 2018, 12:49:43 AM
I would also like to hear back from some guys with calcification who are doing traction.
I have a dorsal plaque mass which runs about 60% of the length of my penis. I have been diligently using my traction device for over 3 months. I have noticed 2 changes so far. First, I do not seem to have gained any significant length, but my girth, both flaccid and erect is noticeable, even to my partner. Second, the hinging which was very severe right in the center of my penis, is a little better, and doesn't seem to be quite as weak as before. To answer your question, I have detected no change or reduction in the size or shape of the plaque itself. But I am hopeful and encouraged up to this point.
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At a basic level, its no different to fixing a bend. Remodelling scar tissue to allow more expansion thus improving dent or bend.