New guy. I have the second penis curve in my life

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Hi guys

I am brand new here on this website

I have discovered one year ago another curve...i had my first curve when i was a teenager and i had my surgery operation....the corporoplasty surgery and i have lost 3cm of lenght the 2017 i have noticed ...(during masturbation) that incredibly my penis have a curve...i really can't believe it...during this years i thought that everything was ok

This time i am in the UK but i am Italian

In London i have found 2 very bad  urologist; one told me to use the device SomaCorrect - Vacuum Medical Erectile Device

another told me that i must to do another surgery operation

Of course i DON'T want another corporoplasty surgery

I am scared and confused

Have you ever used the Somacorrect for a penis curve??? Yes?? It works??

I am so scared  


Hi Jim, ciao Jim,

I'm italian too. I'm really sorry for what you're experiencing. Here, on the forum, there are many members which are really expert using the vacuum devices. Search "Monty" and "OldMan". Another user here is really famous for his hand traction tecnique which corrected his curvature, his name is "NeoV". There are many others which are using traction devices.

If you have not any problem of ED, then stop the inflammation now (for me, the Verapamil worked to stop it) and then you can try to fix the curve without a corporoplastic surgery.

Since i'm not the biggest expert of Peyronie's here, i suggest you to wait for others more expert to comment, but the users i suggested to you before are really acculturated in this field.

Good luck!! best regards.
26 yo from Italy.
Peyronie's since abt 2014
Abt 20-25° bend, w/ a moderate twist to the left
ED for 4 years and getting worse
From pornstar-like to moderately depressed - still fighting for a solution.


Hi Jim,

Welcome to the forum! And don't get so scared. Hope is totally right. Let me add that, hopefully, nowadays if you take the disease very early -and you are-, you can prevent it from progressing much, and can have a very good chance of having few after-effects.

So, first of all, seek the "Peyronie's survival guide" topic in the research bar, and apply all its recommandations (especially taking daily Pentox, Arginine and Cialis/Viagra).

Second, buy indeed a VED (the 3 cylinders Soma Correct is perfect) and apply the protocols elaborated by Old Man (again, the research function will help you).

Third, buy a traction device: the PenisMaster Pro seem to be the top one according to many forum's members (personally I have the Andropeyronie, and it pretty much sucks); and rejoice, because in a few months we well likely be able to get the new RestoreX (a super-fancy traction device that seems VERY promising for preserving/restoring length and girth, and of course straighten you penis) shipped to Europe (again, use the research function for lots of threads about it).

And that's it; be compliant, be patient, and stay strong. If you want to accelerate your progress and if you have the money, you can consider verapamil or PRP/HA injections. BTW, but that's obvious, be sure to find a good Peyronies Disease specialist that will order or perform you a precise ultrasound before all :-).

Personally I'm going on 12 days vacation abroad so I won't be able to post back, but don't worry, we have tons of much more experimented forum members here.

All the best,


PS : Guys, how is it possible that we have so many Italians here (and many Americans, that might have Italian ancestors too)? Would we have a weird genetic luggage? More generally, do we have any demo-ethnographic statistical whatsoever on Peyronies Disease??
- 35 yo, Peyronies Disease with chronic pain, general hourglassing with girth and length loss since 09/01/17.
- Pain almost cured with Hirudoid cream and diet/lifestyle changes (see my topics on this); deformity still here, but partly reduced with traction + VED.