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Hi to all, I'm a newbie, but had posted on the main forum which I've since learned is more for the guys, so was referred to this sub-forum.  Apologies for this.
My husband, aged 61, was confirmed to have Peyronie's towards the end of last year, having suffered it in total, for about 5 years.  The Urologist advised him that his only option is surgery, which will reduce his penis length to a maximum of 3".  No medication or treatment was offered as an alternative.
His started very slowly, barely noticeable, but in the last 18months of development, it changed dramatically to its present state.  It stopped changing about 12 months ago & causes him no physical pain at all.  Our problems stem from the fact that any penetrative sex causes me extreme pain & despite practicing all other options, he is distraught that he will not be able to function as he once did & that he causes me pain.  
He talks about it on an almost daily basis & sometimes is so depressed about it, he challenges me on the amount of pain I experience during sex, suggesting that he is sure he could tolerate it for the sake of my pleasure if roles were reversed.  Also that I don't care enough about him, because if I did, I would put up with it.
Our general health is suffering as a result of it, we are both pretty depressed most of the time, as Peyronie's has not just ruined my husband's manhood, but our relationship too.  We would both be happy to talk to a counsellor, but husband's view is that they can't really help much - it's not going to straighten his penis again.  I'm cringeing most days, waiting for the verbal battering & he is desperate to be a whole man again.  We're falling apart here & don't know what to do.



There is a woman's section on the forum. You'll get an invite at some point. First of all, the depression or other mental difficulties is normal reactions. Remember, a man will no longer feel like a man if he isn't able to function sexually. I would suggest your husband get a second opinion about treatment with Xafles. Also, if surgery is what is needed, Egydio's technique may be an option that doesn't reduce his length. Don't settle for an answer of there isn't anything else that can be done. Get at least a second opinion.


I would strongly recommend couples counseling with a therapist trained in relationship and sexual issues.  This is as difficult for you as him and a counselor would hopefully assist him in understanding how this disease impacts you and your relationship as well.
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A surgery that would leave him with a 3 Inch erect penis? what surgery is that? Have you looked a second or third opinions?



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Yes She was granted access and I sent her a PM notifying her :)
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