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Age - 58

Age at onset of Peyronies Disease - 41

Very First Symptoms - The first sign was pain on the left side of the penis. The pain went away after a few days. Within a couple of months a hard plaque developed on the left side along with a 45 degree left bend.
My Peyronies Disease progression, Treatments, Doctors, Psychological Stages, observable changes -
A GP diagnosed Peyronies Disease, which I'd never even known existed, and prescribed Potaba. For 3 months I consumed what seemed to be pounds of the stuff with no change in my condition except a 24/7 upset stomach. Psychologically I was lost and devastated. Fortunately, sexual functions weren't affected, but my confidence dropped and the fear of being rejected by women as abnormal, strange, bent and wierd set in. Batchelor life continued, but with the always present fear of rejection. The GP referred me to a URO who said steroid injections were the answer. I endured the first injection; the first needle stick into the plaque resulted in the plaque being so hard that the steroid solution squirted back out of the insertion point and squirted on the doc and nurse. Within a couple of months the plaque had softened and was getting smaller; the bend remained. The URO wanted me back for more injections but I elected to not subject myself to that again and give the first injection more time to work. As time passed, about a year, the plaque nodule softened and went away and left an indention on the left side and the 45 degree bend remained. For the next several years I did nothing but apply vitamin E oil and take vitamin E orally and didn't seek more URO's or treatments. Psychologically I had given up on someone being able to fix this because I felt the GP and URO I'd seen were more or less taking shots in the dark at this. A few years ago I discovered the old Peyronies Disease forum and started nattokinase and the Thackers formula and did those for about a year with no visible change in the curve. The next step after that was reading all the VED threads and beginning VED therapy for Peyronies Disease. This is the only thing I've done that has shown promise. I have also started taking L-Argenine as a supplement.
Where I am today, future plans -
Today I recieve help, support and encouragement from the most wonderful wife in the world. This is a two person project for us; bringing it out in the open and discussing it is crucial. My fears that I would be rejected were unfounded. VED therapy is working for me and the 45 degree bend has relaxed down to about a 10 degree bend. The indention is still there but the overall appearance is better. I plan to continue the VED therapy and see if the bend and indention can be resolved even more.

Update: The VED therapy produced positive results for me. A physical therapy type of approach with VED's has restored former size and reduced the curve to 10 degrees or less. I use the VED's in somewhat of a maintenance program now to help prevent any kind of re-lapse in size or curve. I'm pretty sure it will never look like it did before Peyronies Disease, but injuries to other parts of the body often result in a bit of disfigurement, but with full functionality. The facts for me are (1) There ARE things that can be done to combat Peyronies Disease and (2) The life-force of a partner must not be underestimated. Talking/dialog MUST be a part of the healing; decades of society based conditioning has groomed men to base their apparent degree of manhood on penises, when in fact this is such a small part of the total manhood picture. Do not close off and keep quiet... open up and start talking to your partner. Take action and attack Peyronies Disease with a plan and most of all, remember that you are a man and this Peyronies Disease mess is a speedbump, not a deal breaker. If you are reading this, you have found the experts forum... read, devise a plan, and know that you have total support and help here.