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Hello everyone, I've been struggling with peyronies disease for nearly a year now. I first posted on this board in October (my peyronies was triggered after taking a hormone-effecting medication called finasteride for hair loss and doing penis-enlargement exercises (although these exercises had never negatively effected me until I started the hair medication. I've went to three different urologists during that time, two of which were completely useless. My penis was steadily getting more and more disfigured, with dents and hourglassing appearing all the way from the tip to the base in the first few months.

The improvements began after I went to see my third urologist 5 months into my injury. Dr.Munarizz at the Boston Medical Center in MA. He started me off on Cialis 5mg every night before bed,  half of a Clomiphene every other day, and Pentox 3 times a day. During this time I had also invested in a VED as well as well known supplements like CoQ10 and L-Arginine.

The first improvement I noticed began almost immediately. Prior to starting the medication, I would rarely get erections without intense stimulation and never woke up with any either. However, within a few days I started getting random erections during the day and night as if I was going through puberty again. I assume this was the work of the Cialis 5mg every night.

After a month or two, I noticed my flaccid size reverting to about 60% of what it used to be prior to my injury. The dents and hourglassing I had still remained but less severe as it was when my peyronies first onset. My erections were still very frequent, and probably 75% of what it was before my injury. I would notice that after masturbation or anal sex, my penis would become weak, smaller, and hourglassing/dents became more severe. Vaginal sex did not give this same effect, I assume it's because of the higher pressure on the penis.

After 6 months, my flaccid size is probably 80% of what it was prior to my injury, and I would rarely if ever get "hard flaccids" or shrinkage. Perhaps it's because of the change in season (winter vs summer) but I believe it's because of the medication, specifically pentox. I went back to Dr.Munarizz in Boston for a check up, he refilled my prescriptions and checked my hormone levels. My testosterone was very high compared to when I first went to see the doctor (he said my levels were slightly low). I was told to reduce my intake of Clomiphene. The clomiphene also helped me a lot with building muscle (I have more energy, my voice is deeper, and my muscles are bigger with less effort). My erection quality would vary by the day and how much stress I put on my penis, but for the most part it was about 80% of my old erection.

Now as we approach 10 months, my recovery has plateu'd. I am still about 80% of what my penis used to be both soft and hard. However, I am extremely happy and grateful for my urologist, and everyone who's posted helpful information on this website. I was extremely depressed and was on the brink of suicide due to my progressing peyronies, but now I feel like I have a chance to live again. I have just ordered a traction device from X4labs, and I hope that it will bring me past this plateu and take me to 100% again. In return for all the help that this website has offered me, I have decided to post what has helped me and what hasn't. I hope that my tips can help another guy that's going through what I went through not long ago.

1. Leave your dick alone! don't masturbate too often (I used to masturbate about twice a day prior, now I masturbate once every 3 days and very gently) If I have sex I go easy and slow, no hardcore slamming and ramming.
2. Don't over pump with the VED. go as light as possible. I think some people recommend doing VED flaccid, but I had better results from pumping with a full erection (just be very careful)
2. Exercise!! I started walking more, jogging more, and sprinting and not only has it been great for my physique, I definitely feel stronger erections after working out.
3. Don't waste any time with getting your necessary medication. I feel like if I didn't have BS doctors and went to a real sexual dysfunction urologist from the beginning I could have recovered faster. It pisses me off but I'm not gonna beat myself up over it.
4. ALWAYS warm up and use healthy oils when masturbating or VED pumping. I use a rice sock microwaved for 45 seconds and Castor oil.

I will update this post after a month of traction when I receive my device, feel free to PM me with any questions that you might have. Stay strong and know that it's not the end of your dating/sex life!!!


Clomifene is sometimes used in the treatment of male hypogonadism as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. It has been found to increase testosterone levels by 2- to 2.5-fold in hypogonadal men.


Great post. I completely agree with the leave your penis alone, except for traction and VED!
VED with a full erection is very dangerous, so I never recommend it, but I also got better results pumping from a semi filled out state. That's also how I got the lymph damage which set me back for years!