Numbers NOT Permitted as Part of Member Display Names

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In our "Read this First" area we post guide lines.  It is clear to me that few read that section just from the pm's I get and what I observe.  It is enough to make one a bit weary just trying to get a basic point across.

Beginning immediately, all new members will NOT be permitted to use numbers in their Display names.  Having names like James23, James 123, James 32, only causes confusion.  It would be one thing if there were ANY point or advantage to having numbers in a members displayed name, but there is no valid point served.

If a new member registers with numbers in their display name, numbers will be removed without any communication on the topic.  If that would cause a duplication with an existing member's name then the new member will be directed to pick a new name the next time they log on.

PS: The "User Name" that members log on with has nothing to do with the name that is displayed to other members once you log on to the forum.
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