WARNING on alternative treatments

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While arguably just as effective as mainstream treatments or even more effective, alternative treatments also carry significant risks and must be researched carefully.
Use at your own risk after researching each treatment and consulting with your doctor.

Any penile manipulation can cause permanent penile damage, this includes traction, "manual stretching," VED, and any kind of "penile exercises" such as jelqing.
Numerous members have come here due to injuries from such penile exercises. While therapies such as traction and VED are backed by science and prove useful for many men, they must be practiced with extreme caution.

Never stretch, bend, or manipulate your penis while erect. This includes the use of VED therapy. Bending or putting any strain on your erect penis will cause Peyronie's.
both VED and traction are to be used while flaccid.

DMSO and topical solutions may permanently damage your skin.

Combining some supplements may overly thin out your blood and have potentially fatal consequences.
Research the proper dosages and consult with your doctor. Again, research is key.

This post is tentative and likely to be updated shortly.