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Jim. 69 live in SC; moderate curve to the right for many years; newly remarried and would like to find a way to straighten the curve for my wife and I.


Hi Jim, welcome to the party. ;)

What is the percentage curve to the right?

Here are my basic questions, plus some specifically for you:

1. Beside the Peyronie's, what is your health like?

2. What does your diet look like?

3. Have you had your testosterone and other blood work done yet? If so, what are the numbers of these?

Testosterone Free
Testosterone Total
Thyroid Panels (T3, T4, TSH)
CMP Profile
Lipid Profile
CBC w/Diff profile
C-Reactive Protein

4. How much protein in your diet?

5. Do you exercise?

6. Have you talked to your doctor about possibly increasing the Pentox dose to 2,400 mg/day? If not, would you please do it?

7. Are you taking any supplements?

8. Are you using a VED? Mechanical stretcher? Are you doing any kind of jelqing? Are you doing things to encourage warmth to your penis?

9. Have you tried topical and/or injectable verapamil? If so, results?

10. What else are you doing right now as per the recommendation of your doctor?

11. Do you have ED? If so, does Cialis and/or Viagra resolve it?

12. Ethnicity?

13. What did your medical doctor conclude? Peyronie's? Venous leakage? ED?

14. How long have you had symptoms? What are your symptoms?

15. What treatments have you tried and what were the results?

16. Do you have insurance or means to get treatment?

17. Where are you in dealing with the psychological aspects of Peyronie's Disease?

18. History Details.

Please post as much info as possible. I haven't organized these questions in any particular order so feel free to list them in any way you like. Afterwards, let's see what we can figure out for you. :)

God bless.
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Depends on how moderate the curve is. Is the curve recent or always been that way?
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