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Hi. So my name is not Tim, but that is what I would prefer to go by here. Damn, I love the anonymity of the internet. I have not been diagnosed with the illness formally but after reading up on what the symptoms are and such I believe that I have it and I will try and see a doctor soon to formally know if my fears are true.
I am 19 and am going to be a sophomore in college, where my biggest fear will be my first sexual encounter with my penis the way it is. Essentially my biggest fear is a girl not laughing, but genuinely being scared off after looking at my 'doodle'. I've been reading up a tad on what you all have said and I'm glad to know that if my fears are true, and its not just an above average curve with all the other symptoms, there are many other people with whom I can talk to. I will keep vigilant, see what my doctor says (lord help me I do not know how I'm going to BS my way through the conversation with my parents about why I want to go to the doctors office again, last time I went was within a month and I'm not sick) and keep on researching. So if I'm here for the long run, hey all.



I might as well say what symptoms I say I have so you guys can tell me what you think of it. It curves to the right, kind of like if you made the pirate hook with your left hand's index finger only maybe a little less extreme. The curves side is pretty hard considering the left side feels like sponge and this side feels thick plastic. I pee fine, if I've ever had a painful erection it was so rare I can't even consciously remember it. I think I got this because I never used to masterbate but I would kind of try and tuck my erection away with force a lot, and since I started masterbating (about a year ago) I never really thought that a curve was a big deal because I never ejaculated weird or painfully or anything, until a friend made an idle comment and I realized my curve was much more severe than what he was talking about. To be honest, I don't know the degree of the 'bend' but the tip of the penis ends essentially pointing completely right. So if thats a 90 degree bend in the end then yeah, I have a 90 degree bend.

So of the 3 symptoms I could find online; pain, extreme curve, and hard feel, I have the curve and hard feel. Please tell me what you all think of that. Sorry if I was too graphic.



Sorry to hear about your problem in so young age. Anyhow, welcome to the forum.
The problems you are detailing in your second post may be Peyronies and may be not.
An ultrasound check and physical examination by an urologist will tell you what it is.
Do you have ED also or is just the curve that bothering you?
Before you see the doctor, try to read as much as possible regarding the treatments forum members are doing.
For example myself taking Pentox, L-Arginine, low dose Cialis and Ubiquinol. Doing also VED.

Best wishes
Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe ED.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


I have no problem with masterbation for 'performance' so I would imagine I do not have ED. The curve is really whats bothering me because while I've read a slight curve is no big deal, my curve seems a tad more extreme. Its not a cork screw, so I might just be worrying too much and, using the internet, self disagnosed myself with a disease I have no business in thinking I have, especially since most cases are in men older than I am. If I have I am truly sorry for any time I've wasted but I will still hope to get it checked out by a doctor to be sure. I'll also definitely read up on posts here to see if I'm just a worrying kid or if my fears hold some weight.

I would actually best describe it as banana shaped.


Has your erection always curved this way as long as you can remember? What you are describing may be a congenital curve. Read some of the posts on this forum under the congenital curve topic. This is important to understand as the treatment for a congenital curve is different than for Peyronies.

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