Hard flaccid and Peyronie's?

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I've been doing more research and HF symptoms sound alarmingly similar to my condition (flaccid pain, pain while standing, awkward clenching during orgasm.) Before I had my mysterious overnight penile fracture and woke up with an eggplant between my legs, I had pretty significant upward curvature and suffered some penile discomfort from sitting, pants, etc. I can also remember experiencing a weird itchy/tingling sensation around my prostate in the days leading up to my fracture.

Is it possible for HF symptoms to cause Peyronie's? In these situations, is the best option multimodal treatment combining traction and pelvic floor therapy? I have palpable plaques and indentation while erect and I'm 100% sure it's Peyronies, but I believe there is a HF component as well. I'm at a bit of a loss trying to figure out the best course of action because Dr. Trost advises against traction for HF while HF sufferers like Neoman swear by traction. Any thoughts?
Upward congenital curvature. Penile fracture 2-3 years ago. Indentation/plaque on the underside of my penis at the base and worsened upward curve. Decent EQ, flaccid pain

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