Did anyone ever only have pain as their first sign of Peyronies Disease?

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I am 29 and i have had a strange pain on the left side of my penis, kind of where the glands meets the shaft for about two weeks now. The best way to describe it is that it feels like when you have a bruise and you press on it, but it's not really that painful. The pain is localized to a small spot and does not radiate.

I can't really feel the pain when I press on it while it's flaccid or erect. I feel it most when my erection presses against my clothes, or when i put pressure on my penis like if i were to masturbate. It feels like a bruise, but there are no obvious signs of bruising. I would rate it at a 1 out of 10 on a pain scale. It's not really painful, but it has been there long enough for me to be concerned. It doesn't feel like it's getting worse, but it also doesn't feel like it's getting better. There are no signs of any curving, indentation or plaque. The erection itself does not hurt my penis, just when pressure is applied to it at that specific spot.

The reason I am a little worried is because I have been on a very low dose of beta blockers (20mg propranolol) for just over a year now and I read that a rare side effect of long term use is Peyronie's. I have no recollection of injuring my penis. However, I have noticed that I have been getting potent nocturnal erections recently and I think maybe I bruised my penis sleeping on my stomach somehow?

My GP has no idea what could be causing the pain, as she didnt see or feel anything wrong when she inspected me, but she did share my concern a bit when i brought up the propranolol side effects, so she wants me to see a urologist. It will be a while before i can get an appointment, but does anyone have any insight on what the pain could be from in the meantime?
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It is impossible to say whether this is the start of peyronies or not. So is the beta blocker for high blood pressure? I would definitely get in to see a urologist, hopefully one who is a peyronies specialist if possible. I would educate yourself first on peyronies and then make up a list of questions for the Dr. There opinion on traction and VED therapy. Also how many peyronies patients have they treated?  You should get an idea if they are knowledgeable with treating peyronies patients or not. Sometimes you will find a Dr who is willing to work with you.

If possible you should get an erect ultrasound which will give a clearer picture of what is going on. For the pain you could look into applying some heat therapy for some healing and relief, it does work for a lot of men. Diagnosing pain in the penis is difficult as it could be related to so many other things. Pelvic issues, prostate issues and rough sex can all cause some form of pain either direct or refereed.

Worrying about it will only make things worse. You don't have a deformity and your erections are good. Strong erections will stretch things out and bring in fresh oxygenated blood but shouldn't cause peyronies. Study the forum and again welcome! :)

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