VED advice for bend (plaque) near base

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Hi guys,
I have been able to straighten a bend close to my glans, using my VED which is a SOMAcorrect.

However, i now have a second bend near the base of the shaft.

I guess the VED pump must have corrected the first bend, but it is a struggle to straighten the second one.

I saw Prof Ralph last year, and he warned me that straightening the bend near the base with the VED would be more difficult.

For this tricky location of the new bend, do you recommend using a tighter fitting cylinder (B), or a cylinder with more space between the cylinder and the shaft (C)?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Peyronies onset #1: AUG-2021: Upward bend 1 inch below glans. Corrected after approx 6 months of VED.

Peyronies onset #2: NOV/DEC-2022: Downward & right bend 1 inch above base. Not corrected by VED.


Bumping this thread because I'm having a similar conundrum and I haven't seen anyone address it yet.

From your experience, is it safe/comfortable using a VED with the seal being so close to the plaque? This is my biggest reservation about using one.
Upward congenital curvature. Penile fracture 2-3 years ago. Indentation/plaque on the underside of my penis at the base and worsened upward curve. Decent EQ, flaccid pain

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You might consider traction for the bed at the base due to the location, if that is doable for you with your daily schedule

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