Wrapping for uncircumcised penis

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Lookin Up

Has anyone had success wrapping their uncircumcised unit for the recommended 5-7 day post-Xiaflex period?

Per Dr Trost, wrapping uncircumcised penises is so difficult that they recommend circumcision, something I'm not very keen on. So before I book my appointment, I'm willing to prototype different wrapping materials and procedures. What have you tried? What's working and not working?
Erectile pain 6/2022, curvature start 1/2023, Peyronie diagnosed 9/2023
45 degree dorsal curve, 15 degree left
50 yo, married. Lean, fit, clean diet.
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Did you end up with any kind of wrapping success? I'm circumcised, but my penis tends to dissappear entirely into my body when soft, so the regular wrapping method doesn't last long.
Symptoms since 2017
45 upward curve near glans, skin can feel pulled painfully tight with erection
Diagnosed December 2023
On third round of xiaflex. Using restorex