The Several advantages of Membership over Guest Status

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While we have opened some areas of the forum to guests for viewing, only registered members can post.  There are many advantages to being a member.  Below are just some of the benefits of membership.  Also, remember that registration requires NO personal information.  

The Advantages to membership is that boards that are now invisible to you will appear with full access.  They include:

Off Topic Area - For communication with members on issues not directly associated with Peyronies Disease.

Peyronies Disease Advocacy Group - That updates members on what is being done by our members to increase education and awareness of Peyronies Disease.  It also updates members or steps taken to encourage research and treatment options.

The Resource Library that holds in-depth studies giving insight on new techniques, studies, and clues that may answer important questions about Peyronies Disease.

Member Polls - Access our Member Poll area where you can vote and view the results of member polls on any topic related to Peyronies Disease

Women Only Area - The private, Women Only area finally gives women the chance to communicate in private in the "Ladies Room".  It is the only such board on the Internet.  Women can of course still go over and communicate on the men's side if they choose.  This area has a female moderator and is strictly protected from intrusion.

Quickly find and recognize new posts - Boards of recent posts you have not read are highlighted for members but not for guests.  This makes it difficult for guests to find new posts. Members also see a link at the top of the home page that takes you to a list of all the new posts since your last login to the forum.

Uninterrupted Access - We periodically shut down guest access to our forum for short periods.

Besides opening up other areas of the forum, members also have the ability to send Private Messages to other members on the forum.  No one can see these messages but the sender and receiver.  These messages do not use any email features and are entirely forum based.  You can also block others from sending private messages to you.

Members have many Profile Options.  After you register a profile button will appear on your screen near the forum logo.  It will allow you to hide your online status, to format the forum so the newest posts are always at the top, to add a graphic or avatar to your posts and dozens of other options.

As a member, your posts will be easily accessible to you and others by doing a search that finds all the post made by a certain member.

You receive help with all these features from the administrators.  If fact we will change profile options for you if you prefer.
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