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Does severe Ed cause coughing??? I mean, you cough when you're sick , right? Ed in itself is very much so a sickness.

As my Ed gets more and more relief with the practice of abstinence, my level of coughing has got better, and my breathing has gotten better.

Plus I've heard Ed has a lot to do with the ticker/ the human heart. Which in itself would have such breathing problems and coughing as well you know? I went from extreme coughing had to get acid reflux pills , to moderate coughing: using puffers, used for asthma, to light coughing: can get by with the use of no inhalers for the most part.

Just out of curiosity dies anyone feel like they have coughing fits from generally bad Ed?
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I have not heard anything regarding coughing like this in general. I do know that my BP medication does give me a slight cough as a side effect of blocking a specific enzyme. As far as erection problems go I do not know. Our bodies are complex and DR's will never really know exactly all of the millions of intricate processes that occur all the time.

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