Should I use VED if I get NTE's?

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I get consistent NTEs...should I use my VED?

I have a 15 degree curve and hourglassing which seems to have stabilized.  
35 years old, 15 degree kink to the right, hourglass under glans, no known inury

No longer doing supplements, now just traction (phallosan forte for 6 hrs, 5 days a week)


Hey Samanil-

Some here will suggest VED use for hourglass and to get blood to the penis. Some will warn against it (rightfully so because the risk is high if not used properly).

I've used the VED and not, I can't say I noticed much difference. I do think it's good to get the extra blood flow to the penis though. It's like most natural remedies you'll find here- it's hit or miss and try at your own risk.  
Fit 37 year old athlete. Hinging and hourglass began Sep 2022. Tried VED, Restorex, tadalafil with no improvement. Implanted by Dr Hakky 11/28/23 with Titan touch XXL 26 cm no RTE's. Pre op 8.25Lx 5ish G. Post implant: 8.25 L x 5.5 G