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Hi All,

New here and could use some guidance. I'm a 47 year old man in NYC with Peyronies. I had a full cycle of Xiaflex with a urologist and it made my condition seemingly worse. I switched to a doctor at NYU Langone for one more injection. If this does not work, she suggested plication surgery (she said it will help with the curve, but not the hourglass, which is worse at this point. I'd really like a 2nd opinion but am finding it unusually hard to locate a doc with specialty in Peyronies, even in NYC. Any recs or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank, J
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Please have a look at Dr. Landon Trost's website.

HE lists the most up to date treatment information and protocols and he is a highly regarded specialist that also does xiaflex injections.

He offers video consultations which you may be interested in to get some guidance. Hopefully he can recommend somebody in your area.


I'm also in the NYC area and doctor Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, MD is practicing with NYU Langone. From my understanding he is one of the foremost experts in Peyronie's disease. I have not met with him but I am considering it since I am also seeing a urologist in the NYU Langone system. Additionally, there are other Drs in NYC that are very knowledgeable about this condition.
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