hard flaccid, prostatitis or something else? should I stop masturbating?

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About 7 months now, and the main problem is constant pain/pressure when flaccid, almost always shriveled up small, urethra is very sensitive to pain especially after peeing/poo & rough/dry skin damage on head of penis that always looks worse after masturbating. And there is very little sensation while masturbating. The urologist said to continue to try to masturbate if I can, to keep blood flow going, but I am worried I am causing extra damage because of how sensitive to pain it is after I masturbate. Should I just stop masturbating for a long time?

Do you guys think this is hard flaccid or prostatitis or peyronies, pelvic floor injury, penile fracture or a combination?

It took about 4 months of healing when this injury first happened to be able to masturbate again. Will it take many years for this injury to heal if ever? Or will it continue to heal and I might be healed in another 6-12 months? Gosh, I am so scared. Sorry for all the questions, just throwing it all out there hoping for any ideas, because the doctor and urologist I saw did not give me any answers.

(About a week ago I noticed the pain reducing a little bit, but then I stupidly tried smoking a weed bowl thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. [boy was I wrong] After smoking the bowl it caused my urethra to tighten up really small and hurt really badly, and have been in a lot more pain ever since. It's weird because early on in my injury when it was way worse, smoking the odd weed bowl didn't cause such extreme pain in my urethra. I will not make that mistake again. So I advise all who have a penis injury to avoid smoking weed 100%, please do not make the same mistake as me.)
Rough masturbation swollen penile trauma. Flaccid/semi erect curving left more & more. Painful hard flaccid, very small most of the day in pain. Went flaccid during sex but continued causing Peyronies Disease. Major pain, ED, numbness. Frequent urination.


i am having really close problems mate and i get MRI and waiting for results.
i hope both will heal really fast. i am really hopeless too
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Age 30
30 degree lateral curve.
Started Aug 2020 (age 28) after injury
Stable Feb 2021 - Sep 2021
Started traction June 2021. Got length back
Traction worsened bend September 2021
Sex worsened bend slowly throughout 2022
Using Diclofenac gel aftersex