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These are some modifications that I would make to simplify the forum:


4) Would remove "calendar" from "quick links"
5) Would modify some colors, it bothers me to see a lot of blue, and I would put an option to enlarge the size of the text a bit.

It is only a suggestion, greetings.
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Loss of sensitivity due to peyronie and circumcision  moderate erectile dysfunction, pain.
I improved the pelvic floor with kinesiology.
Frequent urination.


Thanks for the input on the forum flow. We are working on some other changes at the moment but will take these into consideration.

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Tobyg, I 2nd the "thank you" for your input.  I am not sure I followed all the arrows etc.  I will comment on a couple until I look at it further.  Open questions is where it is because the boards are listed alphabetically.  If we try to put them in an order logical to some, it will be illogical to many others.  Everyone understands the alphabet and can more quickly find a board when it is referred to.

The board "Progression of Peyronies Disease" is NOT about objective improvement in a member's Peyronies Disease.  It is for discussion about the general course of disease progression (advancement) or an individual member's advancing, worsening Peyronies Disease
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