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I had my implant with Dr Levine in Chicago 9/21 and all is well so far.  I am going to continue to pay out of pocket for followup with Levine, but since I live in Michigan and due to insurance changes not allowing me to go out of state, when the time comes that I need a revision, I'm starting to think about if there are reputable implant specialists in Michigan.  I had a failed operation at University of Michigan hospital so going back there is out of the question, but any other information would be helpful.
55 y/o, Peyronies Disease onset 2018, diag 2/19.
Pentox failed, Ref to U-Michigan, doppler showed 45D right curve and 80D dorsal w hinge effect.
Incision/grafting/plication at U-M 9/20 failed.
Implant / graft repair with Dr Levine (Chicago) 9/21, successful so far


I would be extremely wary of going anywhere except one of the top providers in the US.  
33 years old, symptoms started early 20's but never really bothered me until the last two years
Trimix worked well but caused more scarring. 
Titan 24CM XL+ 1 CM RTE'S Dr. Hakky 4/4/23
Hyaluronic acid penis filler by Dr. Hakky June 2023