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Well its been 6 yrs since I was told I had Peyronies Disease. Like many of you have have tried many meds and other things. The only thing I haven't tried and not interested in is surgery. A little quick history on my issue. 2016 starting noticing my erections would just go soft for no reason. I blamed it on me being tired. The one day having sex with the wife and my penis looked like a coke bottle. I was freaked out. Went to the doc a couple weeks later and was told basically I have Peyronies Disease and there really isn't much he could do to help me. I was crushed and upset. I had nodules at very top and bottom of shaft.

Started reading everything I could on Peyronies Disease and found this site. I was put on pentox and they wanted me to do shots. I decided to stick with just pentox. It helped for awhile, but after a months it got really bad. I went from a erection of 7 1/4 and thick to at the worst part 3 inches and looked like I had a 5 years penis. My penis was bigger when it was soft. My wife was very sympathetic and told me it didn't matter, but I looked at her and was like are you crazy. I would come here get ideas and try them out. I tried many oral, medication, and other treatments...with little to no success. I really didn't have a bending/curve issue it just looked like all the blood was being cut off when I had a erection. I got to the point of just giving up...mentally it was taking a toll on me. Then I tried one thing I had been resisting trying because I was scared I would poison myself....dsmo. I bought a 70% roll-on bottle from amazon for 7 bucks.  I would roll it on wait 2 minutes for some it to absorb in and slowly rub in cold pressed castor oil(8 bucks) and jojoba oil(6 bucks). I do this every morning and every night. I have dark cotton underwear that I wear when I do this. I started seeing improvement, but nothing amazing. So I added heat therapy(made small rice bag) heat it up wrap it around and secure with rubber band. Starting doing that every other day. Then a few months later I added a home ultra sound to the mix( 40bucks) and do that 2 times a week. Things seemed to get better about 6ins in length and at that time got about 60% of the thickness. I work out 5 days a week and pre-work supps. These will help also cause many have things to help with NO and blood flow like citrulline malate and beta alanine. I would recommend recon1 by total war, because it has the needed amounts of citrulline and beta alanine. Many pre-work outs don't have the correct amounts and hide the amount in propriety blends, which are junk.   

Then 3 months ago I finally asked my doc to write me a rx for tadalafil ( 90 day supply 12 @ kroger with good rx). It was one of the best things I could have done and mad at myself for waiting so long. I take 5mg a day and it has made things a lot better. Length since taking tadalafil is 6 3/4, but thickness was only slight better about 70%. Erection are much harder and last a lot longer. Only bad thing is that the entire time I sleeping I have a rock hard erection. They keep me up some nights, but I will take it to have about 80% of what I use to have prior to my Peyronies Disease.

Peyronies Disease is a very frustrating thing to have and I know many on here are struggling with it. My advice is to not give up keep coming here and try to find something you haven't tried and talk to the members. The things I found that worked for me might not work for you, but something out there will. Stay strong brothers.


Welcome Funkops to the forum and thank you for your post.  It sounds like you have read our survival guide as it will give you a lot of good info you wont get from your Dr.  Now if you could would you please fill out your signature line -->,10819.0.html . This gives others a quick glance about you and your treatment - it is difficult remembering you out of 20,000 members. Also if you could include your age .

It sounds like you are on the road to recovery and tadalafil will help things out a lot. It provides the stretching of the tissues and bringing fresh oxygenated blood, etc... I'm curious about the home ultrasound you used. Could your correlate any of your healing or improvements from it? Exercising is an excellent tonic for our bodies and it sounds like you are eating healthy also. So did your first Dr do an ultrasound to get a better picture of what is going on? Most don't and just dismiss us with a cheesy diagnosis. Great to have you here and thanks for your encouraging words!   Mikel7 :)
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