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Has anyone here travelled abroad for treatment or surgery?

Personally, I'm considering it since there is no guarantee that TriCare will cover excision/grafting


No, but I wish I had.  The care in the USA seems much more progressive than it does in the UK.  Over hear there is very much a "wait and see" attitude.

However, some of the costs for medical care and operations etc are eye watering!
49 yrs old, Married
Peyronie's started 2016
Upward curve of 100 degrees  
Incision/grafting surgery in 6/2019.  Resulted in loss of length of around 1.5 inches, residual curve of over 40 degrees, some Erectile Dysfunction
12/2019 had failed skin anchoring procedure


Where would you go T6Pilot? I tend to think that one of the (few) advantages of the US healthcare system is that it is quite progressive and forward-thinking compared to the rest of the world. Most Peyronie's specialists worldwide are in the US from what I've read.
22 y.o

Erectile dysfunction, although apparently no venous leak
Weird nodule under the superficial dorsal vein at the root of the penis, possibly remnant of Mondor's (?)
Apparently no plaques

Have a loving girlfriend who I will marry


Was it considering going to Turkey. Wife's idea