Verapamil 15% with US gel and application

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Has anyone tried this? I just got my verapamil prescription and urologist is recommending shockwave with verapamil but wondering if I can try ultrasounding it in initially.  
44yo, 9/1/21 initially noticed hourglass on left and larger plaque with 2 smaller plaques on right. Have tried pallative l-arganine, serrapeptase, NAC over the past month. Uro recc shockwave and 2PRP injects along with 5mg cialis daily/verapamil


I believe that the general consensus on topical Verapamil is that it's useless. The studies show that it doesn't go deep enough to reach the plaques. And same goes for shockwave therapy. I've read that it can aggravate and worsen the plaques.  
MIA - nothing works after 5 months
supplements and pharmaceuticals I've tried:
cialis, pentox, magnesium chloride, dim, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, vitamin k2, paba, l-arginine, l-citrulline. either get surgery (and possible ed), get implant, or pray