Erections much softer after Xiaflex

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I've had four sessions with Dr. Lue to breakdown four plaque areas. I have one more week (two more sessions) and then we do an ultrasound to make sure al the plaque is gone.

So far the pain is way less so I'm guessing he's done a good job getting rid of most of it so far.


My erections are still 40-60% of what they used to be.

Is this going to be a long term problem I'll need to correct with Viagra? Or should I expect it to get better? I'm doing traction in the evenings - an hour with RestoreX (no meaningful change in shape or length yet). If it should get better, how long should I expect that to take after my final Xiaflex injection?
43 y/o
Peyronies Disease diagnosis Dec 2020
Numerous plaques; curve up&left combnd. 30 deg.
7 mos of Pentox did nothing
Completed 10 Xiaflex injections w/ Dr. Lue, Feb 2022
RestoreX limited use
Curve almost entirely gone
Lost length 1-3/4" still trying to restore

MFPC Trost

This is always a complicated type of question to answer.  Peyronies Disease can result in softer erections through several mechanisms: increased pain, alteration of erection mechanics (veno-occlusive mechanism / narrowing), direct impact on vessels, and other causes.  When you look at Xiaflex patients as a group, we don't see a worsening of erections, however, when you look at individuals, you'll see some who report better and some who report worsened erections.  This is similar with nearly any therapy though, since you'll always see variability with any measure that you track over time. 

With that background in mind, most men who are treated with Xiaflex and who have penile pain related to treatment will have a temporary decrease but then subsequent return to normal function (usually within a few months of the last series).