Restorex with scarring near the base

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Im wondering if restorex would be effective still if my curvature is starting close to the base of my penis, just a few centimeters, i measured the stretched lenght from the base to the scar/curve, its about 6-7 centimeters, although it feels as if its running all along the side of my penis from 7cm to almost up to the glans, but im not sure

I have watched a video of restorex, it seems the rod is 10cm long and that is where the counter bending starts?

So it sounds like my scar is 3-4cm too low
Btw fully stretched length is about 17cm

Any thoughts on the matter?
Age:23. Onset of symptoms: september 2020.
Curve mostly semi erect about 60 degrees, slight pain
Tried short & prolonged fasts, keto,carnivore, traction and most of the supplements.
Severe digestive issues, probably an autoimmune disorder


I have scar near the base too, below the place where the bend restorex provides,  it is still helpful and reduced my curve 12-15 degrees so far.
26 year old
45-50 degree downward curve with an indentation on one side when erect.
Using RestoreX and Xiaflex injections
Taking coq10 with daily Cialis 5mg.


Same here. You can still use RestoreX and it is still proven to be beneficial. I've also seen good results. Just don't go higher than the first or second stop when you're doing the counter-bending. See page 30 of the manual (9).
30. Congenital curvature upward. Diagnosed with Peyronies Disease in 2017. Curvature near the base of the shaft (approx. 45° to the left). Still painful sometimes. Mild ED since summer 2020. Anxious.
Currently using RestoreX (since 04/21) and L-citrulline.