Intracavernosal Plaque Excision

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The purpose of which is to remove the plaque through an incision on the side/shaft of the penis without a skin graft to improve curvature and also possibly regain some length.

Does anyone have any information about success rates, personal experience or any anecdotes related to this procedure?

To add, symptoms are curve, 30 dgrs, minimal pain during sex, some shortening. Erection depends mostly on mental state at this point. Been married about two years. Sexual relationship is good.


I too have been desperately researching this surgery.  I have found the studies from Poland 2004, Iran 2016, and a variant from Univ. Cal S.F. from 2010. 

If anyone has any info regarding this surgery, where it is being performed, and any other regarding this technique, please post it here, or send me a private message, I would be very grateful.
49, 60+ deg left from indentation at base, 18mo, minor effect on erection, diag confirmed Dec '21, seeking additional treatmnt options other than PIG/PEG & graft or Plication, no treatment yet, surgical pref, married.


Yes, it is quite strange. The few papers published are super positive. However, nobody in western countries seems to know this style of surgery.
Peyronie's onset in 11/2021. Age 39
Two plaques under the glans. Minimal pain, only congenital curvature.
Tadalafil 2.5 - 5 mg per day + TRT


30yrs old
Started late 2020, 46 degree dorsal curvature
dent on right side which is painful when erect
narrowing on the dorsal, No Erectile Dysfunction
Been suggested incision & grafting by two urologists